July 27, 2015

Age: 26

Occupation: Police officer

Years doing CrossFit: 2.5



"CrossFit is my balance, my time in the gym clears

my head and puts my day in the right direction" 


"CrossFit es mi equilibrio, mi tiempo en el gimasio aclara

mi cabeza y pone mi día en la dirección correcta"




July 27, 2015


Age: 42

Years doing CrossFit: 3

Occupation: Mother




"Since starting CrossFit, I am better wife, mother and person. CrossFit is my mental serenity and my life line to becoming a better person everyday"


"Desde que empecé con el  CrossFit, yo soy mejor esposa, madre y per...

July 27, 2015

Age: 34

Years doing CrossFit: 7

Occupation: Self employed


"CrossFit means to me, family, strength, community, challenges, and a way of life. It has allowed me to become who I am".


"CrossFit significa para mí, familia, fuerza, comunidad, desafíos, y una forma de vida. Me...

July 27, 2015


Age: 36

Years doing CrossFit: 1.5

Occupation: Director of private flight dept.


"I am no longer interested in how my body looks - but more concerned with what it is capable of accomplishing"


"Ya no estoy interesada en cómo se ve mi cuerpo, pero si más preocupada por lo q...

July 27, 2015


Age: 18

Yeards doing CrossFit: 2 years

Occupation: Cashier/Lifeguard


"CrossFit is my second family"


"El CrossFit es mi segunda familia"



July 27, 2015

Age: 37

Years doing CrossFit: 1.5 years

Occupation: Food service.


"CrossFit mean to me love at first sight :) love the Fitness part of it and meeting such amazing people"


"CrossFit para mi es amor a primera vista :) me encanta la parte del fitnees y el conocer a increibl...

July 27, 2015


Age: 28

Years doing CrossFit: 2 years

Occupation: Housewife


"CrossFit is my passion, my time with my friends and family, it's where I push myself to do things that I never imagined I could do. CrossFit is my favorite thing to do".


"CrossFit es mi pasión, mi tiempo con m...